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“To Honour and Remember”
Established 1991

I would like to start by saying that I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy New year and a great Holiday Season.

As the new year 2016 has arrived, so has the 25th anniversary of our Association. Begun back in 1991, in Toronto, Ontario, we have evolved into a global association with members outside of Canada. The original members formerly of 1 MP Platoon, Calgary, Alberta, known as the 1 MP PL Association, had visions of ensuring that all MP members retired and serving would have a means of staying in touch with each other. This has remained our mission along with our motto to "Honor and Remember".

Through various events and Ride for Heroes, the Association has raised various monies for Scholarships in honor of past members. The SitRep, put out by our member, Doc Aldridge, has been a constant forum for communicating events held by our members and other associations.

Attached you will see the 25th Anniversary Pin, which will be used for members who renew their memberships, along with new memberships obtained. It is hoped that everyone will see the great things that the association has done and get the word out for new members to come on board.

Many opportunities to come together through out this 25th anniversary year are listed on, the SitRep, and our Facebook sites. It is hoped that you will be able to take the opportunity to attend one of the planned functions and share your stories.

Strength through growth........

To Honor and Remember

Russell L.E. Girden
The Pointsman Association.

"Strength through growth"
Russell L.E. Girden
The Pointsman Association.


Mission Statement

A) Promoting and Protection of our Military Police History and Traditions.
B) To inform and rely Authorized Information pertaining to the Military Police Branch, the CMPA, all other Military Police groups, serving and veteran members of the Military Police Branch;
C) To promote and establish opportunities (functions, events, and media) for our members, and all members of the Military Branch to correspond with each other. For old friends/comrades to meet and exchange stories and news that promote our history and heritage. To promote “Espirit de Corps” amongst those who served and serve in the Military Police Trade.

The Pointsman Association grew out of the “1 Military Police Platoon Association (1MPPLA)”. Started in 1991, it was organized for members of the 1 Canadian Bridge Group Military Police Platoon members to stay in touch through correspondence and events. Mostly considered a minor annoyance by the Branch and CMPA at first, the 1MPPLA held events like Golf Tournaments, Mess Calls, Games Nights which lead to monies from these events being contributed to the Blind Fund, comforts to members on active duty in Afghanistan and around the world. The 1MPPLA was also responsible for the first Reunion of Military Police members in decades when it held their first Reunion in Kingston of 2006, as well as the designing and merchandizing of the Military Police Pin (That raised $10,000 scholarships for Cpl Randy Payne’s children), and many other contributions like the Association’s “Sitrep” Newsletter. It was in 2007 at a gathering in Halifax that the 1MPPLA was opened up to include all serving and veteran members, and in 2010 the name was changed to the “The Pointsman Association” to honour all of those that served whether they be Provost, RCAF Police, Military Police etc.

The Motto “to Honour and Remember” has been with the Association since it began, and is fitting that our organization who “Honours” our History and Traditions also “Remembers” those whose work and efforts help create the Military Police Branch/Trade.

The Pointsman Logo itself was first drawn up by our own Association President Russell Girden in the 1970ís when he was stationed in London. It was used on various occasions throughout that time by members and units of the Branch. In 2007, on request of the Military Police Branch, the Pointsman logo was adopted by the 1MPPLA, and was a fitting symbol when our predecessor opened up membership to all former members of the Military Police trade. Since 2010 when the 1MPPLA became the Pointsman Association, the Pointsman logo has become the recognized symbol of the Pointsman Association and of Military Police Veterans both here in Canada and internationally (We have quite a few members from the United States, Great Britain, and Australia to name a few). The Pointsman flag, with the Pointsman logo on the field of Green and Gold, the original regimental colours of the Military Police trade, has flown proudly on many bases and places across Canada.


We grow strong through strength of the membership.

To Honour and Remember.

Russell L.E. Girden
The Pointsman Association.

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The Pointsman Association.

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Join the International Police Association (IPA). To see if you qualify, please click the crest and visit IPA Canada.

The Pointsman Association
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Our motto is "TO HONOUR and REMEMBER".
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We try where-ever possible to provide up to date information about Canadian Military Police related issues, as well as times and dates about future events. If you have information about something you think would be of interest to our members, please write to the webmaster at Also once your event is over, please let us know how things went.

Please note that all information will be vetted prior to being added to the bulletin board. Thank you.


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